Storyteller: use case gem


This is the official Use case post second part, the one about the autoinitializer was just a side track.

So, the UseCases have become more and more popular within AvispaTech and most of the code that needs a more complex logic is using them, there are still caveats and misinterpretations, but for the most part UseCase::Base has become a success.

But it isn't readable enough.

When I started the journey I was looking for ways to extend this way of solving problems to be more universal, and UseCase has been an excellent start, but it came with some cons:

So I decided to build a Storyteller, as a Gem so we can centralize and extend the knowledge, and spice it a little more so it looks more like Ruby-written software, with a DSL. These are the first steps in each direction and there is LOTs to improve, and I hope we can document every leap we make.

So this Post will be split in three parts: the first is here, the second one will cover the Gem, and the other the Gem-making process. Another disclaimer: I used documentation from Bundler and I know there is a far more mature UseCase gem called use_cases. If you need to start coding and you have use cases in mind, start with them, they've just released version 2, we are still in baby steps on version 0.1.0.